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iStock_000010326584Small.jpgWhen it comes to tax investigations, the most important element is building a good relationship with the inspector of taxes. Like us, they too are human, which means they are just as eager to reach a resolution as you are.

At GPC Financial Management we understand the need to quickly reach an agreeable resolution for you, so you can draw a line under the matter and move forward.

It is very important the inspector of taxes feels the person being investigated is acting cooperatively, and where someone has not paid the proper tax, that this person wants to make good the situation.

The next step is to reach an agreement with HMRC, and we can all appreciate negotiations aren’t always black or white: sometimes people owe money, sometimes they don’t, but the grey area in between is where GPC Financial Management can add the most value. In this grey area we have had a large number of successes in negotiating excellent terms for our clients, both in terms of reducing amount payable and lengthening the period over which it can be paid.

It’s important to remember, our interest is to get the best deal for our clients within the parameters set down by HMRC.

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