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Financial Audit

financial-audit.jpgGPC Financial Audit is a UK registered auditor, regulated by the Charted Institute of Certified Accountants.

The flagship GPC Financial Audit includes the following features as standard:

  • Financial Control Report. We will not only produce an audit report, but will provide a financial control report to highlight any weaknesses in the business model, which might, for example, flag up loss of money or unnecessary wastage.
  • Profitability Analysis. Our profitability analysis provides a complete strategic overview of your business. This feature sets our service above all traditional audits by providing incisive insight into your business, therefore aiding you with key decision making.
  • Audited Accounts, prepared to a very high standard.

GPC Financial Audit’s flagship audit gives you financial clarity with your existing business model. To register an interest in this service, please contact us.

An example...

of our flagship audit providing value to organisation can be found with one client whose strategy would have resulted in a cash-flow crisis. Our profitability analysis highlighted the issue, and by following our strategy he instead became cash-rich, which in turn allowed him to grow the company organically.

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