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Company values


At GPC Financial Management, we have a simple philosophy:

We will only undertake a business arrangement if the value we are creating is greater than the price we are charging.

During our first meeting we will assess your situation and the value we might be able to add. This is a no-commitment introduction, coupled with an example of the level of consultation you will expect to receive.

We are a firm of accountants and not salespeople, so our hope is that through demonstrating our ability you will consider employing our services.

And once you become a client? This is where our experience fully comes into effect. We believe that no accountant should rest on their laurels, and should in fact be acting for their clients as though they were personally profiting from their success. In a way this is true; we have as much interest in making your firm grow as you do, because long-term relationships can only work if everyone is profiting.

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