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iStock_000012924723Small.jpgGPC Financial Management will not only help you arrive at a figure for valuation, we can also instil procedures and processes that will help increase your sale value and ultimately make it more attractive to the trade buyer.

When we conduct a company valuation, we will always ask why a customer wishes to have their company valued. That way we can do so much more than simply calculate the accurate market value of your business, we can also advise on the most realistic way of achieving your goals.
Whatever you are valuing your business for, GPC Financial can:

  • Efficiently utilise the valuation to incorporate your business
  • Suggest ways of making your company more attractive, if you are selling part or all of your business
  • Use company valuations to assist in effective tax planning or retirement planning

"There are choices you can make today that will ultimately increase – or should you wish, decrease – the sale value of your business, and GPC Financial Management can help you make the right choices."

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Useful info about valuations...

The most common way to decide a company’s value is to calculate a figure based on the combination of net asset value and the level of sustainable earnings. If you are requesting a valuation with intent to sell, then the following is worth consideration:

If the purchaser is buying the business as a lifestyle choice, they will typically only be willing to pay an amount that equates to twice the level of sustainable earnings. For a trade sale one can hope to achieve up to seven times sustainable earning, if not more.

The trick is to make your business attractive to the trade buyer, which GPC Financial Management can help you achieve.

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