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Our clients claim there are few accountancy firms that can provide the same level of service as GPC Financial Management. A series of interviews found us to be “reliable,” “approachable,” and “efficient.” Our business exists simply due to the high number of referrals passed by our satisfied clients; here are some of the key reasons they feel comfortable referring business to us:

  • We explain tax and finances in a way everyone can easily understand.
  • The level of service constantly exceeds expectations. Our clients feel they are getting “more from what you are paying for” because GPC Financial Management “give an awful lot more business input” than the norm.
  • We offer more than standard accountancy services. Where possible, GPC Financial Management will add value above the tasks requested of them. We look beyond the given situation to provide advice that often makes a substantial difference to a company or individual’s bottom line.
  • A business built on referrals. Our clients receive such a consistently high service from us that they refer their family, friends and clients, time and time again.
  • “Helpful” – This word appeared many times in interviews with our clients. When asked to elaborate one client explained, “They have taken much out of my hands, which saves me a lot of time.”
  • Many clients claim they switched to GPC Financial Management because we offered much better tax advice. Our understanding of tax is such that we frequently reduce tax bills where it was previously thought impossible.
  • We have a holistic Approach to Financial Planning. At GPC Financial Management we help our customers grow by looking beyond the given information. One client summed it up, “They add long-term value, which makes you feel like there’s an actual benefit to what you are paying for.”

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